Her Metamorphosis…..Small Tweaks can cause BIG impacts

She wanted to be a better person and she was determined to be one despite the failures she encountered. She phrased them as temporary defeats. She wanted to offer something better to this world; to her family, circle of friends, co-workers, strangers, anyone and everyone that she passed through the sands of time. She had some realization of her strengths and weaknesses after a hectic life churn. She was full of positive energy and strongly believed that every day was a brand new opportunity to fine tune her weaknesses; transform it into something worthwhile. On a deeper level Ella felt that her imperfections gave her the necessary character and challenge to further improve and desire the better. She appreciated them so much that she was willing to learn more about each one of her weakness and transform them to her advantage. Hence, began her journey of “Self Improvement” a.k.a. “My Metamorphosis”.

She took out a piece of paper and jotted all the beasts that needed some fine tuning one by one. First, she wanted to tame “depression”. She was the woman of the 21st century, well versed, creative and an innovative problem solver. She was a wife, a mother of five kids and an accomplished professional in the advertising industry. Her hands were always full! Her goal was to minimize the adverse impact of depression in her life and make her happy days and moments outweigh the depressed ones. To do so, she felt she had to get on a quest to answer some of the following questions:

  • What was depression
  • What was its adverse effect?
  • What were her stressors
  • Do they remain constant or change, if they change what are the triggers of change?
  • What is controllable vs. uncontrollable, how she could control and what she has to accept
  • What are the various cures based on side effects
  • Etc.

It took her a while to learn about depression and its adverse impacts on her. She started notating her stressors for 30 days in a journal. She tried to analyze and see if there were any links between them. She concluded that her stressors increased when major change happened in her life. She was more vulnerable to depression if she left herself to the fate of her thoughts.

Ella has suffered from clinical depressions since her teens. She took medications at a very early age. With the medications, therapy and a lot of family support she has been able to live a very fulfilling life. She was very successful despite the beast; passed with flying colors in high school; valedictorian in college, very popular in the university leading a number of clubs. Some of her pastimes included improving herself, her kids, influencing positive change, organizing events, painting and travelling while balancing her professional and personal life.

She was motivated to improve every day, to minimize the negative impact of depression so she could spend more time doing her fun stuff. She  started  small baby steps;  keeping herself alert, taking her medications on time and talking to her support system. She was able to see some positive change in her life.

As she became wiser she started reading inspirational stories, simplifying her life, setting a positive mind set, spending time in nature, exercising, appreciating the small pleasures in life, volunteering, writing and doing therapeutic cooking. All this effort created a number of positive changes in her life. Gradually the number of days she spent in bed under the blanket reduced tremendously.

Another step she learnt was is to manage her emotions and action based on her current mindset. She fully immersed herself in the current emotion, experienced its impact and then detached herself from it. This made her more powerful. She also removed herself from the situation when she was overwhelmed; she moves away to take a breath of fresh air in Mother Nature, performs deep breathing. Getting in touch of her feelings helps her get a long way.

Today her life quality has improved miraculously and she is a much happier person. With the shine of every new day she stays on top of her taming action list and tames this beast regularly!

If Ella can do so can you!!!